Post Hurricane Blues

Being down here on the coast of Texas, we
are used to bad weather. But we don't mess
with Hurricanes. If we're smart, we get
out of the way.

Hurricane Ike was no exception. We high
it as they say here in the south.

Being evacuated can give you the homesick blues.
I couldn't get a guitar in the car...no room. I
was afraid squeezing the guitar in might do more
damage than good, so I left without it.

It was weird how many times a day I would go to
reach for my guitar and remember I didn't have
one with me.

In stressful times, or sad times, or just those
old blusey down times in life, I always reach for
my guitar and play blues songs.

I just thought I would share that...

I also want to share this:

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