The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never Ends

So after a warm rest in The Bin, we
awoke to some cold drizzle. The high
that day was 39!

Undaunted by weather, we went sight
seeing in Clarksdale.

So much to see in such a small town.
Just about everything there has to
do with the preservation of Blues
Music. It's like Blues Heaven in

We hit the Delta Blues Museum.


I could have spent half the day in
this place. So much blues history
right in one museum.

They even have a portion of the cabin
where Muddy Waters lived on Stovall
Farms. And in that little cabin is
a pretty lifelike wax statue of Muddy
sitting there playing a Les Paul.

If you ever find yourself in Clarksdale,
this is one place you definitely want
to have on your itinerary.

Next stop was Cat Head Delta Blues and Folk
Art. This place is packed to the rafters
with Blues "Stuff". You can get Blues
CD's, Blues Videos, T-shirts, mojo bags,
records, you name it, they have a little
bit of everything Blues in here. Be
sure and check out some of the local folk
art in here. It's pretty amazing. I
kept wishing I had an extra grand to