Sponsors Needed

Blues City Radio is actively seeking Sponsors

Blues City Internet Radio is a Live365 station.

It is solely owned and paid for by me and is
outgrowing it's server. What this means is that
sometimes listeners have to be turned away due
to a "sold out" condition of the station. We are
only allowed so many listeners at a time.

It also means that we have a limit on how many
tracks we can have on the station at any one time.
So there are many new and Indie artists having
to wait to get their music some air play.

We currently get about 155 streams per day and
that number is trying to grow. But it can't due
to the restrictions of the small package we rent.

We currently receive about 200 visitors per day,
that's 6000 visitors per month, without any real
advertising of the station. So far it's all been
pretty much word of mouth. Those totals don't
even reflect the visitors to our MySpace or this
blog, or our Twitter space. That number of
visitors has grown from about 4 visitors per day
since just over a year ago!

We rank # 9 out of several hundred stations
in the Blues Genre. We would have a much
better ranking if we could accommodate more
listeners. But, again, we are limited by our space
on Live365.

We rank #547 out of tens of thousands of stations
and again, can't reach much higher than that
due to the current situation.

In just over a year, we have launched close to
59,000 streams. We have 1205 people who have
put us as a "pre-set" station. (That's like having
a button set on your car radio to a particular

We are currently listened to in over 75 countries,
the top listening countries being the following:
  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Sweden
  4. Brazil
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Turkey
  9. Finland
  10. Mexico
  11. Spain
  12. Australia
A sponsorship would mean your ads would
be seen in all of the countries and more and
your 30 second radio spots would be heard
8 to 12 times a day in each of these countries
PLUS at the beginning of each stream (about
160 times a day)

If we acquire a sole sponsorship, that company's
Logo would appear on BluesCityRadio.com, this
blog, MySpace and Twitter as well as a few other
places that I haven't even mentioned.

A sole sponsorship would also mean your company
logo on our t-shirts if approved by you. Your logo
on my car in either the form of a wrap or window
wrap (provided by the sponsor) We would be able
to sell the T-Shirts at promotions we sponsor in
S.E. Texas and S.W. Louisiana and soon in Austin, TX
the music capital of this great state. Your logo
would be prominent on any of the upcoming tours
we have proposed including but not limited to
a week long trip along the Blues Hwy. starting from
Beaumont, TX to New Orleans, LA all the way
up through Mississippi (including Clarksdale, MS
The Crossroads itself) and into Memphis!

This week long excursion would culminate in
video (featuring your Logo) on YouTube, Google
Video and on many MySpace pages.

Each place your logo is displayed will include
a link to your site. I will not limit your
exposure to just the ideas listed above. I
am always open to new ideas!

Royalty Included Professional Broadcast options
will ensure the Internet broadcast is covered for any
United States royalty and licensing fees from SoundExchange,

This package would give us 5 TIMES the listening hours
we currently have and 3 TIMES the number of tracks we
can hold on the station.

With these increased capabilities, it is my goal to become
the #1 Blues Station on Live365! Our ranking in all genres
would also soar closer to the top of the list and give us
the opportunity to become a Featured Station on Live365
as well as an Editor's Choice Station.

The cost for a one year Sole Sponsorship is $7500

If you are a company interested in participating in
this exciting growth opportunity, or know of a
company who might be, please contact me at
the following email address for more information.
beaumontlive (at) sbcglobal.net Please replace
the (at) with @ when you email us. (this is to
cut down on the plethora of spam we receive
on a daily basis.)

I urge you not to pass up this opportunity to
support Independent Artists, established artists
and Blues Music per se. The music industry is
a great way to show your support!

Top Ten Tracks Week of December 7, 2008

Top Ten Tracks Week of December 7, 2008

1. Susan Tedeschi - Blues On A Holiday - Wait For Me

2. Henry Correy - The Silence Says It All *Indie Artist

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Doyle Bramhall - Too Sorry - Bird Nest on the Ground

4. Rocky Jackson - Blues for Texas - Squeeze Here *Indie Artist

5. Steve Earle - Rex's Blues / Ft. Worth Blues - Just an American Boy

6. John Earl Walker Band - Welcome Back Mr. Blues - People Are Talkin *Indie Artist

7. Cyril Lance - Blues Ain't Nothing - Live from the Outskirts

8. Lightnin' Hopkins - Mojo Hand - Best Blues Masters, Vol. 2

9. Larry Tillery Band - Next To You - They Call Me Lil' Larry *Indie Artist

10. Randy Pavlock and Twenty Four Seven - Hey Joe - Miles To Go *Indie Artist