Just For Laughs

I found this on another blog and even though
it has nothing to do with Blues Music per se,
it is way too funny so I thought I would
share it.

He's pretty good for a nerdy white guy.

Have fun!

The Great Club, Ground Zero

After grabbing a quick shower, we headed
out to Ground Zero.

Guitar Mikey was playing that night and
it was great.

I had a chance to meet with his manager
and we sat and talked for a great while.
The conversation was so good combined
with the great music coming from the
stage that the whole evening was just
as close to perfect as I could have

We got to the club a little later than
we had expected but where able to order
some dinner before the kitchen closed.
Danny got a fried catfish Po Boy and
I opted for the Shrimp Po Boy. There
wasn't a lot on the menu that would
work with the diet I'm on, but hey,
how often do I get to take a trip to
The Mississippi Delta? It was a
special occasion, so I went ahead and
ate it...the food is really good at
Ground Zero.

Guitar Mikey had the crowd wailin' and
up on their feet. I'm not a big drinker
so after having a Guinness Stout, I switched
over to water. Fear of being jailed so
far from home was weighing pretty
heavily on my mind. Besides, this was so
much fun, who needed a buzz anyway?

I got the opportunity to talk with Mr.
Guitar Mikey and what a great guy. It
was easy to decide that he would be the
next Featured Artist on Blues City Radio.

It was one of those nights where you just
didn't want the music to stop, but all
good things do come to an end.

We headed back over to the bin where we
were staying and it was toasty warm
inside. The room looked so inviting
and I was a tired camper. Sleep came
quickly, but not as quickly as the
morning sun.

We had a whole new day to spend in