State of the Station - Blues City is Growing!

We're Moving to our own server soon.

Just to update you guys, and thank all of you...

Blues City Radio is just over a year old, and without
much promotion, just word of mouth, we are becoming
a force to reckon with in the world of Internet Radio

We have just about outgrown our little plot of turf in
the virtual real estate that is Live365. With rising Royalty
Rates, and a hike in fees to run a station on Live365, AND
a decrease in the number of listeners we can have at a time,
it's just time to move on.

But this is all great news. Blues City is a labor of love, but
it's never been a money making project. It does not support
itself in any way. So I will be seeking sponsorship from the
big boys to keep it thriving. Which big boys I don't know yet.
Am always open for ideas. Or if any companies that might be
reading this are interested in sponsoring a great Blues Station,
please contact me.

I'm about to move all of the tracks for Blues City onto it's own
computer. Then I'll set up the software and find a dedicated
server to hold all the station info and keep the tracks playing.

This will also mean that we will be able to sell advertising spots
and do interviews and live spots as well. Exciting times ahead
for Blues City fo sho!

I'm currently building The Blues City Indie Artist Wall of Fame to
celebrate our growth and honor the Indie Artists who have
graciously lent their talent to help Blues City become the
incredible station that it is. And it's only going
to get better. Once I have the wall up here in my new office,
and a sponsor or two in place, I will be issuing a Press Release
and doing interviews with local TV stations here in S.E.
Texas. I'll be placing these on YouTube to drive in more

My aim is not to make money off the station (although I wouldn't
complain if that did happen) but to bring it up to a level where
it is self supporting. And where it can better support the Indie
Artists out there working themselves every single day to keep
the blues alive and well! I tip my new cowboy hat to you all!

More news as it happens, but for now, just a big Thank You
for supporting Indie Artists, Indie Stations and music in general.

I need to add here that supporting all artist means making
sure they get their royalty payments. If moving the station
becomes financially impossible, then an upgrade to a Pro
Station on Live365 is still a possibility. I would still
be able to have sponsors, sell advertising and know that
the musicians are getting paid. That is so important.

The very best way to keep up with what's going on with me
and the station, is to hop over to the website at:
http://bluescityradio.com and sign up for our mailing list.
I'll be updating you on what's happening as it's happening.
When you get to the site, a form will pop up that allows
you to sign up. So please, go on over there now and
get on the list.

See ya online!

Sheila A. Cain
Blues City Radio