The Road Trip That Rocked

We left Southeast Texas on March 10 to
head out through Mississippi and into
Memphis, TN.

I was traveling with Danny Hill, the
Featured Artist this month on Blues
City Radio. It was a great opportunity
for Blues City to Sponsor his trip and
looks for Sponsors for the station at
the same time.

Our first stop was Jackson, MS. I hope
to never go to Jackson again! We stayed
at a hotel that had a bad ass gang of
roaches in the bathroom. We were going
to spend two nights in Jackson and hit
a couple of Blues Jams. Sudden change
of plans.

We went to the jam at Shucker's in
Jackson/Ridgeland. First of all, the
service was about the worst I have gotten
anywhere, ever! The food was even worse.

Our waitress spent most of her time crouched
down hiding out in the smoking section. It
took nearly an hour to get our food order.
I ordered a cooked oyster dish, and raw
oysters on the half shell. I think the
dishes were prepare right away, but sat
there for a very long time before the
waitress bothered to go them.

The cooked oyster dish had gotten cold and
the melted cheese topping had hardened.
And the raw oysters had gotten way too
warm and had a film starting to coat their
little oyster bodies. I feel certain that
food poisoning would have been in my near
future had I eaten that crap.

The house band...can't remember their name
but then they WERE pretty unforgettable.

The patrons seemed to like the band and the
food which showed that they had no taste
whatsoever, not even in their mouths.

When it was Danny's turn to play, people
sat up and took notice. It was the first
real blues music of the night. The band
took notice as well and decided that he
played too loudly. Then they decided that
while he was playing it would be a good
time to announce their upcoming Crawfish
Festival. Hell, we live in the land of
crawfish, the festival goes on for months

Well, I got angry and got the check. $53
for food that I wouldn't feed to a stray
dog, and no they had no real apology for
the lousy food, music or service.


Like I said, I hope to never be in Jackson,
MS EVER again except to pass through on
my way to some place better.

Come back tomorrow when we battle the roaches
and move on to Clarksdale, MS! Now that's
a GREAT town.