Hacked Off

Well, it would seem that the Blues City
web site has been hacked.

I looked all through the code but was
unable to determine what was in there
that shouldn't be. The site was putting
out pop up ads and trying (sometime
accomplishing) to put malicious files
on people's computers. Mostly ad ware
and browser hijackers.

I have no idea who did this or why. The
whole "hacker mindset" eludes me completely.

I am working on getting the site up and
running again. Hopefully with a nicer
design, but we will see. An artistic
eye is something that I just don't have.
And that's ok, too. My talents seem to
lie elsewhere.

I'm thinking of putting a video on the
site and changing it each week. Would
embed some blues videos from other
sites. You can just drop by and take
a look at the past and present of blues
music. It'll cut down on your You Tube

Any input on that would be greatly

Blues City is totally NON profit. I
don't make a dime from it. In fact,
it costs me to run it each month.
Anyone knowing of any web designers
out there that are willing to do
some "pity" work, as in freebie,
to help support the preservation of
blues music. Please have them contact

blues city radio at gmail dot com

I wrote it that way to keep down
on those nasty spam robots.

More coming up on the trip we took
to Clarksdale, MS and Memphis, TN.
very soon.

Danny Hill - Gutbucket Blues