Blue and Then Some

Everything I need to do is Late, Late, Late!

I took a week off when I realized I haven't had a "REAL" vacation
since 1986.

Didn't do much but did come down with a wretched

Hack hack, sneeze, snort, sniff.

So I've been in bed sick for the past 4 days or so with
my Thera-Flu, two cats who just want to play and a guitar
sitting within reaching distance just in case I get the urge
to sing the Head Cold Blues.

So the blog is behind as well as updating the playlist and
adding the new Featured Artist. He is great, so keep your
eyes peeled for the day I can sit up for more than a couple
of minutes at a time.

I would love to come by your site and wish each and every
one of you a personal Happy New Year, but that just ain't

Hope to be back up soon and running at full speed.

In the meantime, Keep Listening to Blues City Radio!
http://bluescityradio. com

Keepin' the Blues Alive,