Anniversary of SRV's Death

I'm a little blown away that it's
been 19 years since the death of
Stevie Ray Vaughn.

It's one of those moments that you
just never forget.

I had just moved to Colorado and
was doing some temp work until I
could find a real job.

I was working for a company that
made those ankle bracelets for people
who were on home arrest. Yeah, it
was an assembly line job! UGH!

Just to get through the tedious day,
we all had headphones on listening
to music. I had a portable radio
and was listening to an awesome station
there in Boulder, CO when the news flash
came on.

I sat and listened and could hardly
believe what I was hearing! After
the announcement, I slowly pulled off
my headphones and looked up. It was
as if everyone in the factory had been
cued to do the same thing at the same

Headphones were coming off people and
that blank, hurt, pained stare was on
everyone's face. It was as if we had
all just heard a really bad joke and
were waiting for someone, anyone to
say that it was a mistake.

There weren't many dry eyes in that
room. I guess the supervisors were
cool and had heard it, too. Normally
there would have been some kind of
announcement or something telling
everyone to get back to work. But
it was silent except for some faint

At break, nobody could talk about
anything else. I realized that
although I didn't really know these
people, we had a connection. A love
of Stevie Ray connection.

I will never forget that day.

I will never forget Stevie Ray.

He lives on in the hearts of so
many people and still has some
of the most popular blues tracks
still today.

We love you Stevie, always will.


Top Ten Tracks Week of August 23, 2009

Top 10 Tracks on Blues City Radio

1. Buddy Miles - Them Changes - Them Changes

2. The Atlanta Cafe band - Bluesman - Voodoo Brotherhood

3. Buddy Guy, John Mayall - I Could Just Lay Down And Die - Duets

4. David Allan Coe - Cell 33 - Penitentiary Blues

5. Bonnie Raitt w/ B.B. King - Baby I Love You - Dueces Wild

6. Seasick Steve - Cut My Wings - Dog House Music

7. Little Walter - Kansas City (Harmonica Blues) - Blues Masters Volume 4

8. Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain - Feels Like Rain

9. Harpdog Brown &/The Bloodhounds - Foul Weather Blues - Home is Where the Harp Is

10. Susan Tedeschi - I Fell In Love - Wait For Me