Top Ten Tracks Week of December 21, 2008

1. Susan Tedeschi - Blues On A Holiday - Wait For Me

2. Henry Correy - The Silence Says It All *Indie Artist

3. Steve_Earle-Rex_s_Blues___Ft._Worth_Blues-Just_an_American_Boy

4. Little Walter - My Babe - His Best :(Little Walter)The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection

5. Larry Tillery - Bury Me With My Guitar - They Call Me Lil' Larry *Indie Artist

6. Rocky Jackson - Blues for Texas - Squeeze Here * Featured Indie Artist*

7. The Black Keys - Grown So Ugly - Rubber Factory

8. John Earl Walker Band - Welcome Back Mr. Blues - People Are Talkin

9. Randy Pavlock and Twenty Four Seven - Hey Joe - Miles To Go *Indie Artist

10. Larry Tillery Band - Next To You - They Call Me Lil' Larry *Indie Artist

The Blues with The Doobie Brothers

It's a cold rainy gray day here in Beaumont.

Church service was totally great this morning
and the band was rockin'. I love the contemporary
bands that many churches have today.

And now in an effort to take a few days off for the
holidays, I find myself trying to find something to
watch on the ole boob tube.

Came across a Doobie Brothers concert in Hi Def!
I love the Hi Def stuff and feel like it was worth
it to have invested in a flat panel HD television.

So this is the "old school" (pre Michael McDonald)
Doobie Brothers. I was such a fan before Mr. McDonald
added his own interpretation of what a doobie should
sound like. Yeah, you get me on this one...

Not only are they playin' some great Classic Rock
stuff, but even a little resonator slide stuff
slipped in for good measure that just really blows
the lid off a swirling pot of blues that goes to show
ya what a talented bunch of guys the Doobie
Brothers really are.

Yeah, I gotta say, I'm still a fan of their old stuff
and so happy to see that they're doing it again.