On The Eve of History Being Made

We have to go back in American History to
fully appreciate the History that is being
made in this country today.

And so much of it started with the Blues...

Heartbreak, bad luck, hard times and dealing
with the Devil was the song of American roots
that worked it's way into the hearts and souls
of many.

Almost an anthem for the downtrodden race
that cried out for their God given right to

For me, I always think of the beginning of the
blues as that fateful night (as it is told) when
Robert Johnson met with and sold his soul
to Satan in exchange for his incredible ability
to play the Blues.

It was said that if one stood at the crossroads
in the moonless darkness of that small delta
town, Clarksdale, MS that Satan himself might
come by and tune your guitar. It was Robert
Johnson who let his guitar be tuned on a dark
and most likely frightening night and there
was no turning back.

No one would have believed that Satan was
there anymore than they would have believed
that about 80 years later a prominent Black
Senator would become President of the United

My real aim here is to pray that President Obama
will have some of the answers to the problems
that are plaguing our great nation. I wish him
wisdom in the choices that he will have to make.
President Obama is stepping into a virtual snake
pit that is to be Post Bush Washington. I wish
him Godspeed in his new position as our Leader
here in The United States of America!

Truly a momentous occasion in American History
is this. My hat is off to you Mr. President. May
you Make a Change that is greatly needed.

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  1. Amen to that from Australia and the rest of the world !