At The Crossroads...

The weather was cold and damp as we pulled
into the Shack Up Inn's parking lot. But
we could feel the history of this place
warming us as we walked into the lobby.

We were greeted as if we were old friends
stopping by to chat. My eyes were trying
to take in everything, but there is so
much at the Hopson Plantation that it takes
a while to see all or it.

We had the choice of a smaller shack or one
of the bins that are describe in the video
on the last post. If you haven't seen that
video, please grab a beverage of your choice
and take a look at it. It's pretty great.

Not dressed for this weather, we went and
looked at the shack first. It was cool.
They have cleaned out these old shack,
updated them with indoor plumbing and a
small kitchen with everything you need.
I felt like I was soaking up the history
that was permeating this old shack.

While we thought the shacks were totally
great, we had concerns about the weather
and our ability to stay really warm. When
we left Texas, it was 83 degrees and I
was in cargo shorts.

So we went and took a look at the bins.
While not as rustic as the shacks, these
bins still had a charm and feeling of
history that was hard to beat. And it was
so warm in there!!

Ok, we opted for the bins. It was a wise

A quick unload of the car filled with guitar
gear and our personal belongings and an ice
chest full of food to cook out on the grill,
and we were off to see Clarksdale.

We drove around getting a feel for the layout
of the town while it was still light out. We
knew for sure that we wanted to see the
intersection of Highways 61 and 49, The
Crossroads. And we wanted to make sure that
we would be able to find Ground Zero Blues
in the dark.

I snapped this shot in the famous Ground Zero
Blues Club. There is very little in here that
has not been written on.

We drove around and took in everything
before heading back to the bins to get
ready for the evening...

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