New Year, New You?

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Does the prospect of finding a date for New Year's Eve
give you the blues?

I found these Yahoo Personals to be a great help.

What are your resolutions for the coming year?

Do you want to lose weight? If you've ever watched "The Biggest Loser"
on TV, then you already know just how inspirational it can be. I
know that gaining weight gives me the blues. So I'm about to blog
out my New Year's resolution and all the steps I take to make a
"New Me" in the "New Year".

Stay tuned for that. I will blog it on a different blog, so watch
for the link to come up at the first of the year.

I might just get myself back into the dating world again, who
knows? Although being more involved in the Music World is
really more like what I want to do.

I have a nice new Fender Acoustic guitar that I just love. It's
easier to practice on an acoustic while living in an apartment.
But recently I won a really nice pre-amp/pick up system for
an acoustic. It's so nice, it actually cost more than the guitar.
So I took guitar and pick up system down to one of the local
guitar stores today to have the two "married". This will
make a nice addition to my growing collection of guitars.

My resolutions:

Learn to play the guitar much better.

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Pretty ambitious, I know. Let's see how far I get with it.

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