This Should Be The First Post

A little about me:

I was born and raised in Beaumont, TX.

Sure it was a small town, but to me, that's a good thing.

I graduated from Forest Park High School in 1972. And
I was glad to be done with that.

I took piano lessons as a kid, went on to self teach myself
guitar, then took cello in Junior High and High School. I
considered myself to be a musician, although I wasn't
playing anywhere in a band or a solo act for money.

Let's skip ahead a few hundred years shall we?

In 1992 I was in a serious motorcycle accident. Serious
meaning a boat load of injuries, including broken bones,
lacerations, scraping all the skin from the right side of
my face and a closed head injury that left me unable to
play any of the afore mentioned instruments.

I had a bad case of the "black and blues".

Now almost 16 years later, I'm still in pain from some
of the joint injuries, cracked vertebrae and torn ligaments.
It's amazing how much pain can stay with a person for
such a long time.

Emotionally painful was the inability to play music anymore.

Yeah, it gave me the blues alright.

I spent 11 years in Boulder, CO and about 20 in Dallas, TX.
Did a 2 year stint in NYC. But after 30 plus years, I returned
to Beaumont to be with friends and family in the little city
where I grew up.

I moved down here to be in a slower pace. A town where
being partially crippled was easier to navigate.

Living on disability is boring and it's hard to make ends
meet sometimes. So I opened a little website called
Beaumont Live! where I post the music events of local
musicians, and run a little Internet Radio Station that
plays local talent.

I never monetized this effort, but that's still in the works.

I have met so many musicians from this area. All of them
really nice people. A few who have become good friends,
and a few who have inspired me.

One guitarist named Larry Tillery who never fails to blow
me away at any of his shows, inspired me to pick up the
guitar again. For that, I will be forever grateful to him.

Larry plays The Blues. I can't play the way he does, and
probably never will, but I can play the guitar again! He
also inspired me to open a second radio station that plays
"nuthin' but the blues". And that is probably how you arrived
here. http://bluescityradio.com/

Like I said, I've met a lot of great people in the local music
world and wouldn't trade any of that experience for anything.

I would like to acknowlege a few who have spent time with
me, supporting me in re-learning guitar, and encouraging
me to do the best I can.

Larry Tillery - Beaumont, TX
Charley Drumm - Hackberry, LA
Dobro Danny Hill - Beaumont, Ft. Worth, TX

Knowing them has enriched my life.

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